Andreessen Horowitz Exec Sees ‘Promising Paths’ for Web3 Social Platforms — EthCC.

The most important points from Sriram Krishnan’s statement are:

1. Social media is stuck in a different era: Krishnan highlights that the current state of social media platforms is outdated and needs to evolve. This suggests that there are inherent flaws or limitations in the way social media operates today.

2. Change is necessary: According to Krishnan, there is a pressing need for change in the world of social media. This implies that the current model is not meeting the needs or expectations of users, and improvements are required to address these shortcomings.

In summary, Sriram Krishnan emphasizes the need for change in the world of social media, suggesting that the current state of platforms is outdated and requires evolution. This statement raises important questions about the effectiveness and relevance of social media in its current form, and highlights the need for innovation and improvement in this space.