Arbitrum Price Soars After DeFi Whale Address Resumes ARB Accumulation.

ARB’s price has seen a double-digit gain after a popular DeFi whale address resumed buying the governance token. However, the question remains whether this rally is sustainable. Here are the most important points to consider:

1. The whale address in question is known for making significant moves in the DeFi space, and their decision to resume buying ARB could signal positive sentiment towards the token.

2. ARB has recently announced partnerships with several notable projects, including Polygon and Chainlink, which could contribute to increased demand for the token.

3. Despite these positive developments, the overall cryptocurrency market remains volatile, and ARB’s price could be subject to fluctuations in the coming days and weeks.

In summary, while ARB’s recent price increase is encouraging, it is important to remain cautious and monitor market conditions closely to determine whether the rally is sustainable in the long term.