Asia Express: Milady Frenzy and Do Kwon’s Asset Contribution to Alameda’s $38B IRS Bill

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants $38 billion in unpaid taxes from Alameda, a cryptocurrency trading firm. The IRS claims that Alameda has not paid taxes on its trades from 2016 to 2020.

The Milady token, a new cryptocurrency, has surged 3,000% in value in just a few days. This sudden increase in value has caught the attention of investors and traders alike.

Arthur Hayes, the former CEO of BitMEX, has been issued a restraining order over alleged “threatening” words he used in a private chat with a fellow trader. The trader, known as “3AC,” claims that Hayes threatened him and his family.

In summary, the IRS is cracking down on unpaid taxes from cryptocurrency trading firms, the Milady token is experiencing a sudden surge in value, and Arthur Hayes is facing legal action over alleged threatening language. These developments highlight the need for transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency industry.