Bitcoin’s STH Realized Price nears $40,000, signaling strong market momentum

Quick Take

The Realized Price, a critical component in analyzing the behavior of Bitcoin investors, provides a snapshot of the aggregate price at which each coin was last spent on-chain. This metric allows for the distinction between Short-Term Holders (STH) and Long-Term Holders (LTH).

The STH Realized Price, showcasing the average acquisition price for coins moved within the last 155 days, indicates the coins with the highest probability of being spent daily. As it nears the $40,000 mark, it continues to support the ongoing momentum in the Bitcoin market.

Additionally, the STH Realized Price has proven to be a robust support for Bitcoin price movements. It played a pivotal role in 2023 and again in 2024 when Bitcoin dipped to roughly $38,500, and the STH Realized Price was marginally lower at $38,100.

Therefore, keeping an eye on the Realized Price, especially the STH Realized Price, could be crucial for understanding market trends and maintaining the momentum toward $40,000 for the STH Realized Price.

Long/Short Term On Chain Cost Basis: (Source: Glassnode)

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