Chinese City Implements Plan for Blockchain Digital Infrastructure System by 2025

The government of Shanghai has recently announced its strategic plan for the development of its urban blockchain digital infrastructure system between the years 2023-2025. This move highlights the city’s commitment to embracing blockchain technology and harnessing its potential to transform various sectors.

1. Development of a comprehensive blockchain infrastructure: Shanghai aims to build a robust and comprehensive blockchain infrastructure that will serve as the foundation for various applications. This infrastructure will include the development of blockchain platforms, networks, and protocols that can support a wide range of use cases.

2. Integration of blockchain in key sectors: The government plans to integrate blockchain technology into key sectors such as finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and public services. By leveraging blockchain’s transparency, security, and immutability, Shanghai aims to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve trust in these sectors.

3. Fostering innovation and collaboration: Shanghai recognizes the importance of fostering innovation and collaboration in the blockchain ecosystem. The government plans to establish innovation centers, incubators, and research institutes to support startups and encourage the development of blockchain-based solutions. Additionally, Shanghai will actively seek partnerships with domestic and international organizations to promote knowledge sharing and collaboration in the blockchain space.

In summary, the government of Shanghai has set forth an ambitious plan to develop its urban blockchain digital infrastructure system between 2023-2025. By building a comprehensive infrastructure, integrating blockchain in key sectors, and fostering innovation and collaboration, Shanghai aims to position itself as a leading hub for blockchain technology. This strategic move demonstrates the city’s commitment to embracing emerging technologies and leveraging them for economic growth and societal development.