Connext Founder Proposes ‘Sovereign Bridged Token’ Standard After Multichain Incident

Important points from EIP-7281:

1. Listing official bridges: EIP-7281 enables token issuers to list official bridges, which are secure connections between different blockchain networks. These bridges facilitate the seamless transfer of tokens between different platforms, enhancing interoperability and expanding the token’s reach. By allowing token issuers to list official bridges, EIP-7281 promotes a more connected and efficient token ecosystem.

2. Limiting token minting rate: Another crucial aspect of EIP-7281 is its provision to limit the rate at which tokens can be minted. Token minting refers to the creation of new tokens, typically done by the token issuer. By imposing limits on the minting rate, EIP-7281 aims to prevent excessive token creation, which can lead to inflation and devaluation of the token’s value. This limitation helps maintain a healthy token economy and ensures the token’s scarcity and value are preserved.

3. Reducing losses from bridge hacks: EIP-7281 also addresses the issue of bridge hacks, which have been a significant concern in the cryptocurrency space. By allowing token issuers to list official bridges, EIP-7281 promotes the usage of secure and audited bridge solutions. These official bridges are designed with robust security measures, reducing the risk of hacks and potential losses associated with them. This feature enhances the trust and confidence of token holders, as they can transact across different networks without worrying about security vulnerabilities.


EIP-7281 introduces two essential features for token issuers. Firstly, it allows them to list official bridges, enabling seamless token transfers between different blockchain networks. This promotes interoperability and expands the token’s reach. Secondly, EIP-7281 limits the rate at which tokens can be minted, preventing inflation and preserving the token’s value. Additionally, by promoting the usage of secure bridges, EIP-7281 aims to reduce losses from bridge hacks, enhancing trust and confidence in the token ecosystem. Overall, EIP-7281 contributes to a more connected, secure, and sustainable token economy.