Crypto Held by US Secret Service, Blockchain Tech Praised in Reddit AMA

In a recent crypto-themed AMA session on Reddit, the U.S. Secret Service answered a variety of questions from the public and revealed some interesting information about their little-known NFT collection. Here are the key takeaways from the session:

1. The Secret Service has been collecting NFTs since 2018: According to the agency, they began collecting NFTs as a way to stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and trends in the digital asset space. They have since acquired a small collection of NFTs, which includes items such as digital artwork and collectibles.

2. The Secret Service is interested in using blockchain technology for investigations: During the AMA session, the agency expressed interest in using blockchain technology to aid in their investigations. They noted that blockchain analysis can be a valuable tool for tracking down criminals who use cryptocurrencies for illicit activities.

3. The Secret Service is open to collaborating with the crypto industry: The agency emphasized that they are open to working with the crypto industry to better understand and regulate the space. They noted that they have already established relationships with some crypto companies and are open to exploring more partnerships in the future.

Overall, the AMA session provided some interesting insights into the Secret Service’s perspective on the crypto industry and their use of NFTs. It also highlighted the agency’s willingness to engage with the public and collaborate with industry stakeholders to promote a safer and more secure digital asset ecosystem.