Crypto Investment Products See Largest Weekly Inflow Since July 2022.

CoinShares, a digital asset investment firm, has released its latest weekly inflow report which shows a significant increase in investor appetite for digital asset investment products. Here are the most important points from the report:

1. Bitcoin leads the rally: According to the report, Bitcoin saw the largest inflows among all digital assets, with investors pouring in $108 million in just one week. This is a clear indication that investors are still bullish on Bitcoin despite its recent price fluctuations.

2. Ethereum and other altcoins also saw inflows: While Bitcoin led the rally, other digital assets such as Ethereum, XRP, and Litecoin also saw inflows. Ethereum saw inflows of $14 million, while XRP and Litecoin saw inflows of $6 million and $3 million respectively.

3. Total inflows reach new highs: The report also revealed that total inflows into digital asset investment products reached a new high of $429 million. This is a significant increase from the previous week’s inflows of $288 million.

In summary, CoinShares’ latest weekly inflow report shows that investor appetite for digital asset investment products is on the rise, with Bitcoin leading the way. This is a positive sign for the digital asset market as it indicates that investors are still interested in investing in this space despite its volatility.