Crypto Investors Cool on Bitcoin Funds, Turning to Ether and XRP

Bitcoin-related funds saw outflows of $13 million over the past week, reversing five weeks of bullish inflows, according to Coinshares analyst James Butterfill.

– Bitcoin-related funds experienced outflows of $13 million in the past week, marking a reversal from five weeks of bullish inflows.

– This data was reported by Coinshares analyst James Butterfill, indicating a shift in investor sentiment towards Bitcoin.

– The outflows suggest that some investors may be taking profits or reallocating their funds to other investment opportunities.

In summary, Bitcoin-related funds have seen a significant outflow of $13 million in the past week, reversing a trend of bullish inflows. This indicates a potential shift in investor sentiment towards Bitcoin and highlights the possibility of profit-taking or reallocation of funds to other investments.