Crypto Survey Finds 47% of Investors Expect Ether to ‘Surpass’ Bitcoin

Fidelity Digital Assets gave a bullish forecast for ETH in the next 12 months, while a separate survey from CryptoVantage found 47% of investors expect Ether to “surpass” Bitcoin.

– Fidelity Digital Assets has provided a positive outlook for Ethereum (ETH) in the next year, suggesting that the cryptocurrency could experience significant growth.

– A survey conducted by CryptoVantage revealed that nearly half of the investors surveyed believe that Ether will surpass Bitcoin in terms of value and market dominance.

– These findings indicate growing confidence in Ethereum’s potential and highlight the increasing interest and investment in the cryptocurrency.

In summary, Fidelity Digital Assets’ bullish forecast for Ethereum and the survey results from CryptoVantage both indicate a positive sentiment towards Ether. This suggests that Ethereum could experience substantial growth in the next 12 months and potentially surpass Bitcoin in terms of value and market dominance.