Decentralized Social Networks Have a Retention Problem, Say Execs.

Decentralized social network may have risen quickly, but execs argue decentralized social media apps still have an onboarding and retention issue to fix.

Decentralized social network has gained popularity in a short span of time, but its executives believe that decentralized social media apps still face challenges in terms of onboarding and user retention. In this article, we will explore the key points regarding this issue and provide a summary of the discussion.

1. Rise of has emerged as a prominent decentralized social network, offering users a platform where they have control over their data and can connect with others in a secure and private manner. The platform has gained traction due to its unique approach to social networking.

2. Onboarding Challenges: Despite the success of, executives argue that decentralized social media apps face difficulties in onboarding new users. The decentralized nature of these platforms often requires users to understand complex concepts such as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, which can be a barrier for mainstream adoption.

3. Retention Issues: Another challenge faced by decentralized social media apps is user retention. While initial interest may be high, sustaining user engagement over time can be challenging. Executives believe that this is partly due to the lack of compelling features and incentives that keep users coming back to the platform.

In summary, while has experienced rapid growth, executives in the decentralized social media space acknowledge the need to address onboarding and retention issues. Simplifying the user experience and offering compelling features and incentives are crucial for these platforms to attract and retain a wider user base. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how decentralized social media apps tackle these challenges and shape the future of social networking.