Decentralized Web3 cloud gaming platform coming this summer in partnership with Aethir

GAM3S.GG, formerly Polkastarter Gaming, has unveiled it will launch a Web3 cloud gaming platform in partnership with Aethir amid an ambitious roadmap for 2024, emphasizing significant advancements in web3 gaming. The roadmap highlights several key initiatives to enhance user experience and drive the adoption of web3 gaming.

In the second quarter of 2024, GAM3S.GG will launch its cloud gaming beta feature in collaboration with Aethir. This partnership aims to provide seamless, high-performance gaming that is accessible from any device, leveraging Aethir’s infrastructure to support large-scale cloud gaming with minimal latency and high reliability. The cloud gaming feature will initially be free for all platform users during the beta testing phase, with plans to transition to a G3 token-gated environment as the service scales and expands its game library.

Aethir’s decentralized cloud infrastructure leverages a globally distributed network of GPUs, utilizing blockchain and peer-to-peer networking to pool and share processing power. This innovative approach ensures low latency and high scalability, enabling gamers to access high-performance gaming experiences without needing expensive hardware by integrating Aethir’s infrastructure, GAM3S.GG aims to offer seamless, high-quality cloud gaming directly through its platform, democratizing access to top web3 games for users worldwide.

Following the cloud gaming launch, GAM3S.GG will introduce the Vault in Q2-Q3 2024. This feature will allow users to participate in private sales of web3 gaming tokens, providing an opportunity to support their favorite games early. Access to the Vault will require staking at least 10,000 $G3 tokens, and eligibility will be further determined by the user’s GAM3R Score and GAM3R NFTs.

Additional aspects of the roadmap include a Battle Pass system, offering both free and premium tiers with various rewards and levels that can be unlocked through platform activities. This gamification element aims to enhance user engagement by allowing players to accumulate XP, earn rewards, and advance through ranks across multiple seasons.

The final major feature for 2024 is the Gaming Passport, set to launch in Q4. This digital identity system will enable users to manage gaming credentials, track in-game progress on-chain, and validate gaming scores. The Gaming Passport will integrate data from various gaming platforms, providing a unified login system and allowing game studios to identify high-quality players quickly.

GAM3S.GG cloud gaming platform artwork (GAM3S.GG)

Disclosure: The author is a member of the GAM3S.GG lobby and holds a nominal value in G3 tokens. 

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