Experiments Show AI Could Help to Audit Smart Contracts, But Not Yet.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) has shown promising results in identifying security vulnerabilities by analyzing vast amounts of data and detecting patterns that humans might miss. This has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of security systems.

2. Early tests have revealed that while AI can successfully detect and flag potential security threats, it still requires human intervention to make critical decisions and take appropriate actions. AI systems lack the contextual understanding and ethical judgment necessary to handle complex security situations.

3. The combination of AI and human expertise is currently the most effective approach to ensuring robust security. By leveraging AI’s ability to process large volumes of data and detect anomalies, while relying on human intelligence to interpret the findings and make informed decisions, organizations can enhance their security posture.

In summary, while AI has proven its effectiveness in identifying security vulnerabilities, it is not yet capable of replacing humans in the security domain. Human intervention remains crucial for making critical decisions and addressing complex security issues. The collaboration between AI and human expertise offers the most promising approach to achieving comprehensive and reliable security systems.