Fantom Starts Paying Developers to Generate Gas Fees.

Developers who create apps that generate fees will now receive a 15% cut of those fees, but only if their app has done more than 125,000 transactions and has existed for three months. Here are the most important things to know about this new policy:

1. Developers can earn a 15% cut of the fees they generate. This is a significant increase from the previous policy, which did not offer any revenue sharing for developers.

2. The app must have done more than 125,000 transactions. This requirement ensures that only successful apps will be eligible for revenue sharing, and that developers are incentivized to create high-quality apps that users will want to use frequently.

3. The app must have existed for three months. This requirement ensures that developers are committed to their app and have put in the time and effort to make it successful.

In summary, this new policy is a win-win for both developers and app stores. Developers now have a financial incentive to create successful apps, while app stores can attract more high-quality apps to their platform.