Grails’ Lucky Dip of Famous NFT Artists, New Hope for PFP Holders: NFT Collector

Pudgy Penguins CEO reveals why PFT holders aren’t doomed, Grails offers a blind tasting to buy famous NFT artists, and free Amazon Prime NFTs.

Important points from the article:

1. Pudgy Penguins CEO provides reassurance to PFT holders: The CEO of Pudgy Penguins, a popular NFT project, has addressed concerns about the value and future of their native token, PFT. In a recent interview, the CEO emphasized that PFT holders are not doomed and highlighted the long-term vision and utility of the token within the Pudgy Penguins ecosystem. This statement aims to alleviate any fears or uncertainties among PFT holders.

2. Grails introduces blind tasting for NFT artists: Grails, a platform known for its curated selection of high-quality NFTs, has launched a unique concept called “blind tasting” to purchase NFTs from famous artists. This innovative approach allows collectors to buy NFTs without knowing the artist’s identity, focusing solely on the artwork itself. The aim is to shift the focus from the artist’s reputation to the artistic value of the piece, providing an opportunity for emerging artists to gain recognition and collectors to discover hidden gems.

3. Free Amazon Prime NFTs: In an unexpected move, Amazon Prime has announced the distribution of free NFTs to its members. This initiative aims to engage and reward Prime subscribers by offering them exclusive digital collectibles. While specific details about the NFTs and their distribution are yet to be revealed, this move signifies the increasing mainstream adoption of NFTs and their integration into various industries beyond the art world.


The article highlights several noteworthy developments in the NFT space. The CEO of Pudgy Penguins addresses concerns surrounding their native token, PFT, reassuring holders about its long-term value and utility. Grails introduces a blind tasting concept for purchasing NFTs from famous artists, focusing on the artwork rather than the artist’s reputation. Additionally, Amazon Prime surprises its members by announcing the distribution of free NFTs, showcasing the growing acceptance and integration of NFTs into mainstream platforms. These updates demonstrate the evolving landscape of NFTs and their expanding reach beyond the art market.