Hodler’s Digest, April 2-8: BTC White Paper Concealed on macOS, Binance Forfeits AUS License, and DOGE Updates

Binance Australia Derivatives’ license revoked, the Bitcoin white paper is hidden on modern macOS and Dogecoin prices spike after Twitter’s icon change are three recent events that have caught the attention of the cryptocurrency community. Here are the most important things to know about each of these developments:

1. Binance Australia Derivatives’ license revoked:

– The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has revoked Binance Australia’s license to operate its derivatives trading business in the country.

– This decision comes after Binance has faced increased scrutiny from regulators around the world, with some countries banning or restricting its services.

– Binance Australia will continue to operate its spot trading business in the country, but will no longer be able to offer derivatives products.

2. The Bitcoin white paper is hidden on modern macOS:

– Apple’s latest macOS update, Big Sur, has caused controversy among Bitcoin enthusiasts as it hides the Bitcoin white paper from users.

– The white paper, written by Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, outlines the technology and principles behind the cryptocurrency.

– Some have accused Apple of censorship or anti-Bitcoin sentiment, while others argue that it is simply a technical issue that can be resolved.

3. Dogecoin prices spike after Twitter’s icon change:

– The price of Dogecoin, a meme-inspired cryptocurrency, surged after Twitter changed its profile picture to a Dogecoin logo.

– This move was seen as a nod of approval from the social media giant, which has previously been used by Elon Musk to promote the cryptocurrency.

– However, some experts warn that Dogecoin’s price is highly volatile and not based on any fundamental value.

In summary, these three developments highlight the ongoing challenges and opportunities in the cryptocurrency world. While regulators are cracking down on some aspects of the industry, there is still excitement and speculation around new coins and technologies. As always, investors should approach these developments with caution and do their own research before making any decisions.