ICP-Based Blockchain Chat App Launches ‘Communities’ to Compete with Discord

OpenChat, a popular messaging app, has recently introduced a new feature that allows admins to create groups within groups. This feature is similar to Discord’s channels within servers and offers users a more organized and streamlined way to communicate within larger communities. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of this new feature and its potential impact on OpenChat users.

1. Enhanced Organization: The ability to create groups within groups brings a new level of organization to OpenChat. Admins can now categorize discussions based on specific topics or interests, making it easier for users to find relevant conversations. This feature is particularly useful for larger communities where numerous discussions are taking place simultaneously.

2. Streamlined Communication: With the introduction of subgroups, OpenChat users can now participate in more focused discussions within a larger community. This feature allows users to join specific subgroups based on their interests, ensuring that they receive relevant updates and notifications. It also reduces the noise and clutter that can occur in larger chat groups, making communication more efficient and effective.

3. Improved Moderation: Admins have greater control over the conversations happening within their communities with the implementation of subgroups. They can assign moderators to specific subgroups, ensuring that each discussion is properly monitored and managed. This feature helps maintain a healthy and respectful environment within the app, promoting positive interactions among users.

In summary, OpenChat’s new feature of creating groups within groups brings enhanced organization, streamlined communication, and improved moderation to its users. This update is a significant step towards providing a more user-friendly experience for larger communities within the app. With the ability to categorize discussions and join specific subgroups, users can now engage in more focused conversations and easily find relevant content. OpenChat continues to evolve and innovate, catering to the needs of its growing user base.