Polygon Proposes Architecture for ‘Polygon 2.0,’ Including Aggregator Bridge.

Important points from “The forthcoming multichain system will use zk proofs to transfer assets between networks”:

1. Multichain system: The article discusses a forthcoming multichain system that aims to enable the seamless transfer of assets between different blockchain networks. This system is designed to address the interoperability challenges faced by various blockchain platforms, allowing users to transfer assets across different networks efficiently.

2. Use of zk proofs: The multichain system will utilize zero-knowledge proofs (zk proofs) to facilitate secure and private asset transfers between networks. Zk proofs are cryptographic protocols that allow one party to prove knowledge of certain information without revealing the information itself. By leveraging zk proofs, the multichain system ensures the confidentiality and integrity of asset transfers while maintaining transparency across participating networks.

3. Interoperability and scalability: The implementation of a multichain system using zk proofs addresses the pressing need for interoperability and scalability in the blockchain ecosystem. Currently, different blockchain networks operate in isolation, limiting the seamless transfer of assets between them. By enabling interoperability, the multichain system opens up new possibilities for cross-chain asset transfers, enhancing the overall efficiency and scalability of blockchain technology.


The forthcoming multichain system discussed in the article aims to revolutionize asset transfers between different blockchain networks. By utilizing zk proofs, this system ensures secure and private transactions while enabling interoperability and scalability. This development holds significant potential for the blockchain ecosystem, as it addresses the current limitations of isolated networks and paves the way for seamless asset transfers across multiple chains.