Polygon Spinoff Launches Testnet Bridge to Allow for Low-Cost Layer 2s

Important points from Avail launched a bridge to transmit data availability attestations to Ethereum, potentially allowing for lower fees on some layer 2s:

1. Avail, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has introduced a bridge that enables the transmission of data availability attestations to Ethereum.

2. This bridge has the potential to reduce fees on certain layer 2 solutions by leveraging the data availability attestation mechanism.

3. By utilizing this bridge, users can benefit from lower transaction costs and improved scalability on layer 2 solutions built on Ethereum.


Avail’s launch of a bridge to transmit data availability attestations to Ethereum brings potential cost-saving benefits to users of layer 2 solutions. This innovation allows for reduced fees and improved scalability, enhancing the overall user experience in the decentralized finance space.