Sbf’s Alleged Chinese Bribe, Binance Clarifies Account Freeze: Asia Express

SBF allegedly bribes Chinese officials with $150 million to unfreeze accounts, Binance justifies blocking Hamas users, meanwhile, Huobi hacker returns all $8M in stolen assets.

Important points from the article:

1. SBF, the CEO of FTX exchange, has allegedly bribed Chinese officials with $150 million in order to unfreeze accounts. This incident raises concerns about corruption and illegal practices within the cryptocurrency industry.

2. Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has faced criticism for blocking users associated with Hamas, a Palestinian political and military organization. Binance justifies this action by citing compliance with international regulations and anti-money laundering measures.

3. In a surprising turn of events, the hacker responsible for stealing $8 million worth of assets from Huobi, another prominent exchange, has returned all the stolen funds. This unexpected act highlights the complexities and unpredictability of cybercrime in the cryptocurrency space.


The cryptocurrency industry continues to be embroiled in controversies and challenges. The alleged bribery case involving SBF and Chinese officials raises serious concerns about the integrity and transparency of the sector. Binance’s decision to block Hamas users sparks debates about the balance between compliance with regulations and censorship. On a positive note, the return of stolen assets by the Huobi hacker demonstrates that even in the midst of cybercrime, there can be unexpected acts of restitution. These incidents highlight the need for increased scrutiny, regulation, and ethical practices within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.