Selling related to Arbitrum airdrop decreases, but DApp usage remains steady as intelligent investors amass ARB.

The ARB airdrop followed the sell-the-news narrative, but Arbitrum’s DApp use and fundamentals remain strong and smart money continues to buy ARB tokens. Here are the most important things to know about this topic:

1. The ARB airdrop was highly anticipated by the crypto community, but when it finally happened, the price of ARB tokens dropped significantly. This is a common phenomenon in the crypto market, known as the “sell-the-news” narrative, where investors sell their holdings after a positive event has occurred.

2. Despite the initial drop in price, Arbitrum’s DApp use and fundamentals remain strong. The platform has been gaining popularity among developers and users due to its fast and low-cost transactions, which are made possible by its innovative Layer 2 scaling solution.

3. Smart money continues to buy ARB tokens, indicating that there is still confidence in the long-term potential of the platform. Institutional investors and venture capitalists have been investing heavily in the project, with some even calling it the “Ethereum killer.”

In summary, while the ARB airdrop may have caused a short-term dip in price, Arbitrum’s strong fundamentals and growing adoption suggest that the platform has a bright future ahead. Smart investors are taking advantage of the current dip in price to accumulate more ARB tokens, betting on the long-term success of the project.