Stargate Community Proposes Removal of Fantom USDC Pool to Mitigate Risks.

1. 1.7 million verified members of the Stargate community have voted in favor of a proposal.

2. The proposal has not been specified.

3. The large number of votes indicates a strong level of engagement and support within the Stargate community.

The Stargate community is a passionate group of fans who have been following the franchise for years. Recently, it was announced that a proposal had been put forward and that 1.7 million verified members of the community had voted in favor of it. While the proposal itself has not been revealed, the fact that so many members have shown their support is a testament to the strength and dedication of the Stargate community.

It is clear that this community is deeply invested in the future of the franchise and is eager to see it continue to grow and evolve. The fact that so many members have taken the time to vote and show their support is a powerful statement of their commitment to Stargate.

As we wait for more information about the proposal, it is clear that the Stargate community will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. With such a large and engaged fan base, there is no doubt that the franchise has a bright future ahead.