Tornado Cash Attacker to Potentially Give Back Governance Control, Proposal Reveals.

A few hours into the hack, the attacker behind the Tornado Cash breach made a surprising move by reaching out to the community with a new proposal. Here are the most important things to know about this development:

1. The attacker proposed to give back governance control to the Tornado Cash community. This proposal was unexpected since the attacker had already stolen a significant amount of funds from the protocol. However, the attacker claimed that they did not want to harm the project and were willing to return control to the community.

2. The proposal was met with skepticism from some members of the community. While some saw it as a positive development, others were wary of the attacker’s motives. They pointed out that the attacker had already demonstrated their ability to breach the protocol and steal funds, so it was unclear why they would suddenly want to give back control.

3. The Tornado Cash team has not yet made a decision on whether to accept the proposal. They have stated that they are considering all options and will make an announcement soon. In the meantime, they have advised users to avoid using the protocol until further notice.

In summary, the attacker behind the Tornado Cash hack surprised the community by proposing to give back governance control. While some members of the community are cautiously optimistic, others remain skeptical. The Tornado Cash team has not yet made a decision on how to proceed and has advised users to exercise caution.