Web3 Gamer: Earn Bitcoin in Minecraft, Bga’s 50/50 Gender Split, Oath of Peak Hot Take

– Minecraft players can now earn Bitcoin through a new mod called SatoshiQuest. This mod allows players to compete in treasure hunts and complete challenges to earn Bitcoin rewards.

– Sega, a well-known gaming company, has shown mixed interest in blockchain games. While they have released some blockchain-based games, they have also expressed concerns about the technology’s limitations and scalability issues.

– The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) board has achieved a significant milestone by achieving a 50/50 gender split. This is a positive step towards promoting diversity and inclusivity in the web3 gaming industry.

– In summary, the article highlights the opportunity to earn Bitcoin in Minecraft through the SatoshiQuest mod. It also discusses Sega’s involvement in blockchain games and the BGA board’s achievement of gender equality. These updates provide insights into the growing intersection of blockchain technology and the gaming industry.