What Is Worldcoin, and How Does It Help Preserve World ID?

Human or an AI bot? Get your eyeballs scanned by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Orbs to prove digital identity and earn cryptocurrency.

– OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has developed a technology called Worldcoin Orbs that can scan a person’s eyeballs to determine if they are a human or an AI bot.

– The purpose of this technology is to establish a person’s digital identity and provide them with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

– By scanning their eyeballs, individuals can prove that they are real humans and not automated bots, which can help prevent fraud and ensure the authenticity of online interactions.

In conclusion, Worldcoin Orbs is an innovative technology developed by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman that uses eyeball scanning to verify a person’s digital identity and enable them to earn cryptocurrency. This technology has the potential to enhance online security and prevent fraudulent activities by distinguishing between humans and AI bots.